Crowdfunding 2018 EN

Would you have ever imagined seeing a robot scuttling between school desks?

We are a 20 people strong group, all of which are in the italian equivalent of America’s 10th through 12th grades of Fossano’s I.I.S. G. Vallauri.

We all study IT and have decided to try and put the concepts studied to use, applying them especially to robotics, a field in which Italy is third place as worldwide exporter.

With the helping hand of very qualified teachers we have decided to take part to the “Explorer” competition at RomeCup, a Robotics national competition that takes place in Rome. Here, robots built by different teams following specific criteria will have to face off autonomously inside a small playing field, avoiding multiple obstacles and recognizing gaseous or light sources.

We believe that this experience could help us develop skills useful in a job and, in particular, for the great robotics industry, jewel of the italian economy.

We will be creating different robots inside the school, both for internal use and for determining the best candidate to win RomeCup. The realization of these handicraft items will require the repeated use of sophisticated materials or instruments; for these reasons we would like to build upon our “young” robotics lab. Our crowdfunding will be therefore centered on sustaining the expenses that that we will be facing shortly to set up our workshop, complete and functional, usable both by us and the generations that will come after us.

Among the components and services that we will be purchasing with the earning are:

  1. Basic robot kits, sensors and motors
  2. Basic instrumentation for electronics
  3. 3D Printers
  4. Formational activities to use materials and tools to their best
  5. Lab activity
  6. Materials to organize school-specific competitions

Rewards for donations will be acquirable at the school itself and an open day will be organized to show the first realized projects, receive clarifications and see in person what happens in our Robotika lab!